Thermal Stores

A thermal store, stores and manages renewable heat until it is required.

A thermal store can be integrated with multiple renewable heat sources such as a wood-fuelled boiler, solar water heating or a heat pump.

The benefits of a thermal store

  • Allows management of heat allowing it to be available when needed e.g. hot water produced by a solar heating system during the day can be stored for use when no solar energy is available.
  • Allows warm water to be heated up by a secondary heating source such as a conventional boiler or electric immersion heater.
  • Allows renewable heating systems to work more efficiently
  • Reduces the need to use gas and electricity to heat hot water

Types of thermal store

There are a several types of thermal stores available, designed to be used with different heat sources.

Thermal stores for wood-fuelled heating

Thermal stores ensure efficiency of biomass heating systems, particularly log boilers. These are designed to burn large batches of logs at high levels of efficiency rather than in small numbers throughout the day. A thermal store also reduces waiting time between lighting the boiler/ stove and the need for the hot water by storing it from the last time it was lit.

Thermal stores for solar water heating

Thermal stores work very well with solar water heating systems. On a summers day, a solar thermal system can harvest more heat than needed and can store it for later use.  A thermal store can prioritise solar thermal heat above other sources.

Thermal stores for heat pumps

Air source & ground source heat pumps work more efficiently if don’t have to continually cycle on and off when the demand for heat is low. When connected to a thermal store sufficient heat can be stored to allow cycles only when absolutely necessary.

Combining Multiple Heat Sources

A thermal store allows you to connect a number of different heating systems to work together to produce your hot water and heating. This is a extremely beneficial as you can have hot water in the summer without the need to light the stove.

Thermal Stores can be connected with:

  • Aga
  • Solar Thermal
  • Air Source heat pump
  • Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Biomass Boiler
  • Log Burner
  • Solid Fuel Burner
  • Wood burner
  • Conventional boiler
  • Immersion heater

*Information adapted from The Energy Saving Trust